October 9 & 10, 2018 Dhaka, Bangladesh
South Asia - The Hub of Limitless Possibilities
Connecting Nations, Enabling Opportunities

Welcome to Dhaka

Mr Md.Abdus Samad

Secretary, Ministry of Shipping

Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

South Asian geographical region is a major focus for global economic growth, trade and market expansion. This region offers many business prospects for global transportation industry. Intra-Asia trade and South Asia’s greater trade expansion with Africa will have sound growth. Knowledge of increasing shipping and logistics capacities. Connecting people and businesses along with Governments of South Asia needs an organised platform.

How should a country be assessed in terms of her state of development or the potential? Surely, it is the attitude, willingness to change and discipline of the people and the system that a nation commands.

The Forum aims to bring together Governments, Trade Associations and Industry through thoughtful and constructive sessions and interactions, the conference expects to encourage and facilitate business relationships.

A dynamic publication for the Indian shipping and logistics industry, Maritime Gateway is committed to create a meaningful dialogue which would help the trade and industry.

Shippers’ Academy Colombo is the very first training institution of its kind in South Asia to tailor courses for shippers and related service providers and exporters and importers.

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