South Asian geographical region is a major focus is global economic growth, trade and market expansion. This region offers many business prospects for global transportation industry. Intra-Asia trade and South Asia’s greater trade expansion with Africa will have sound growth. Knowledge of increasing shipping and logistics capacities. Connecting people and businesses along with Governments of South Asia needs an organised platform.

About Forum:

The Forum aims to bring together Governments, Trade Associations and Industry. Through thoughtful and constructive sessions and interactions, the conference expects to encourage and facilitate business relationships among the participants. Forum will play a key role in bringing deep insights into maritime infrastructure. Focus on investment opportunities and bring meaningful relationships to the table. Provides with opportunity to market collectively and individually. New business and investment opportunities and respective countries can be promoted to a global audience.

One Forum, One Voice. The South Asia Maritime and Logistics Forum were what the industry just needed. For the first time the maritime community and stake holders from nine South Asian nations attended by 300 national and international countries to Mumbai to collectively explore the business opportunities and resolve the challenges. Maritime professional from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore, Nepal and UAE spoke of the expanding logistics sector. The goal of the conference was to explore opportunities, find solutions for existing challenges and share best practices with each other. The forum was ratified and endorsed by none other than the Shipping Minister, Nithin Gadkari who outlined the project undertaken by various ports & improvement made on the land side infrastructure by deepening and strengthening road connectivity.

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