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Connecting Maritime Nations



South Asian geographical region is a major focus now because of global economic growth, trade and, market expansion which in turn creates a massive opportunity to expand logistics and maritime related services. highlighted by the world’s fastest growing major economy of India and number of developing maritime nations in South Asia offers this region many business prospects for global transportation industry. It is expected that intra-Asia trade and south Asia’s greater trade expansion with Africa will have sound growth over the next decades. In this backdrop knowledge of increasing shipping and logistics capacities and for connecting people and businesses along with governments of South Asia needs an organised platform.

Given the opportunity, it is timely that a regional forum on the above theme be established. Maritime Gateway, South Asia’s leading maritime magazine and Colombo International Maritime Conference Events came together to promote the greater interest in this region which would help all countries in South Asia and its people to develop new maritime business opportunities.

The South Asia Maritime & Logistics Forum aims to bring together governments, trade associations and industry in South Asian Region with leading business enterprises from Europe, Middle East, and South East Asia and beyond. The goal of this annual one-day conference is to explore opportunities, find solutions for the existing challenges, share best practices and identify ways to collaborate.

Through thoughtful and constructive sessions and interactions, the conference expects to encourage and facilitate business relationships among the participants. Over time, this conference hopes to become a preeminent forum and play a key role in maritime relations in South Asia.

We believe that this Forum will play a key role in bringing deep insights into maritime infrastructure, focus on investment opportunities and bring meaningful relationships to the table.

This annual forum, kick starting with India, will be held in one of the South Asian countries year-on-year and sometimes marketing beyond South Asia connecting all shipping and logistics communities. This Forum will provides each of the South Asian countries with opportunity to market collectively and individually. New business and investment opportunities in the region and respective countries can be promoted to a global audience.