weather Report

Climate Changes

  • In October, weather conditions in Bangladesh make it a medium trip destination. The average temperatures you’ll face in October would be between 24.0°C and 31.0°C, with exceptional possible peaks as low as 17°C and high as 34°C as observed in previous years.
  • The average amount of rain observed during October in Bangladesh is 169 mm and you would typically have 7 rainy days.

Bangladesh: Climate & Weather

 Tropical and sub-tropical, the country’s climate divides the year into three large seasons: A wet season, the monsoons, which last from May to October; a cooler season between October and February where the temperatures are around 21°C; and the dry season between March to May when rain is rare and temperatures are around 30°C.

  • The cool season is the best time to discover the country from the point of view of comfort.
  • The monsoon season can bring rather heavy rainfall at times making travel in certain areas impossible.