Hon Dr. Harsha De Silva

About the Speaker
  • Profession
    State Minster of National Policies & Economic affair,
  • Company
    Government of Sri Lanka

Dr Harsha de Silva entered Parliament in 2010 on the UNP National List following a successful career in the private sector as an economist, development banker, international consultant and entrepreneur. He was a vociferous member of the opposition and was its economic affairs spokesperson.

Subsequently, in August 2015 he was elected from the district of Colombo and was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. He led the reorientation of Sri Lanka’s foreign policy towards economic diplomacy and was instrumental in regaining the GSP+ trade concession to the EU. In June 2017 Dr de Silva moved under the Prime Minister as his Deputy Minister in his portfolio of National Policies and Economic Affairs.

Dr. de Silva has a PhD in economics from the University of Missouri and has had executive training at MIT. He has taught at universities in the US and Sri Lanka and has several international publications on technology and development. He was a 2011 Eisenhower Fellow. He is married with two children.