Benefits of the Forum

  • Several agencies like World Bank, UK Investment Board are planning to deploy funds for maritime infrastructure development in Bangladesh. Private entrepreneurs are equally interested in building infrastructure. This forum would act as a catalyst to get these investment materializes.
  • As a global export driven manufacturing economy Bangladesh will send a positive signal for investors and existing entrepreneurs that country is focusing on the most important sector that help that drives manufacturing exports and trade in general.
  • Global retail giants will see this, as a move in positive direction as smart and efficient logistics are tools for competitive in todayas market.
  • Companies in shipping and logistics business will witness focus of Government in this sector and will be enthusiastic at potential of investment opportunities.
  • This forum will bring regional synergies and cooperation to increase trade and transport link with South Asia and Asian nations.
  • This programme will generate ideas, innovations, best practices and new knowledge to government on future planning and development so that gaps can be understood.
  • It will create a positive impact on the local business communities and general public.